Welcome to Cullen Timber Design

Cullen Timber Design was formed in 2006 as a family run, independent design capability for the timber frame industry and building companies. Based in Hertfordshire, we have grown to a team of five, using Dietrich’s software to design and detail buildings that match and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Offering services that range from managing the design process completely for self builders to offering consultancy and design services to our corporate clients, our versatility is one of our strengths.

Whether constructing using oak, glulam, engineered timber, SIPs, softwood or building environmentally friendly or hybrid buildings that utilise combinations of materials and techniques, we are able to offer a multi-disciplinary frame design service.

Being a crossover company, in an industry where singularity is the norm, means that we are not defined by a single framing discipline. Rather we are in a position to offer options whereby the most efficient framing techniques can be utilised.

Whether frames are hand cut using traditional techniques or produced using CNC machinery, Cullen Timber Design can offer the design service appropriate to ensure the finished results are outstanding examples of precision timber engineering.