Hybrid Frames

Cullen Timber Design is frequently asked to combine different timber framing disciplines within one project.  For example, to produce a softwood frame featuring either structural or decorative green oak elements or Eco frames which utilise a high proportion of structural steel or glulam.  This is where our versatility is a real advantage.

We support our clients in getting the best out of the materials that they choose to use for their building.  Softwood frames with oak features are far less expensive than a full oak frame, but can offer the same visual impact.  Ecoframes that require an open expanse of glazing retain their structural integrity through the use of glulam or steel.  Making connections between materials and their capabilities to ensure a required aesthetic is achieved is a much appreciated feature of our work.


Cullen Timber Design can:

  • from the outset, liaise with architects and engineers to value engineer the various components of your build to ensure best value is achieved
  • offer a balanced understanding of the aesthetic requirements versus the practical implications
  • mesh required features within the design process, to ensure materials are utilised to their best visual and structural advantage
  • Advise on how best to choose a manufacturer for softwood and green oak components
  • Provide our expertise to site carpenters regarding the interface between various structural elements and non-structural features.

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