Glulam Structures

On larger building projects, as well as some domestic dwellings, glulam post and beam framing can provide large open span spaces and thus offer a strong visual impact. Cullen Timber Design has experience of detailing buildings that will serve the community, providing a positive environment in which to play, live and learn. These include schools, churches, music venues and village halls. Some of our projects have involved extremely complex roof geometry, which our Dietrich’s software is able to manage effectively to produce remarkable results.

Understanding that such buildings are brought about through close liaison between end users, architects, engineers and builders, Cullen Timber Design has experience of acting as a central hub, through which the diverse requirements of all interested parties may be collated and acted upon.


Cullen Timber Design can:

  • work holistically, ensuring a seamless interface between all components of the project, whether steel or Glulam
  • detail all glulam components and their connections
  • incorporate the requirements of structural engineering with regard to reinforced steel work connections
  • advise on the best form of manufacture, whether it be hand or using CNC machinery
  • offer our knowledge regarding suitable manufacturers with CNC machinery within the UK and in Europe
  • issue all glulam and steel fabrication drawings for the manufacturer

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