Rob Cullen

From a background in cabinet making and furniture design, Rob became interested in the capabilities offered by computer aided design. Since then, the dimensions of wood with which he works have increased considerably.   Rob introduced Dietrich’s to the timber frame company in Hertfordshire for whom he was working and participated in commissioning the first Hundegger K2 in the United Kingdom. Rob founded Cullen Timber Design in February 2006 to provide design services for the various sectors within the timber frame industry.  The company has grown to a staff of five, with expertise in all aspects of timber framing.


Matt Owen

Matt has worked at Cullen Timber Design since 2011, having been a colleague of Rob’s when working for a previous employer. A Dietrich’s user since 2001, Matt has an extensive knowledge of framing systems and a keen eye for detail.  A football and Formula One fan, Matt also has the brightest car in the car park.


Martin Lockwood

Martin joined Cullen Timber Design in 2013.  He has worked in the Timber Frame industry since leaving school, having previously used Mitek Wood Engine before transferring his skills to the use of Dietrich’s.


Jordan Paton Ross

Joining in early 2016, Jordan is our newest addition to the Cullen Timber Design family.  An ever growing passion for sustainability has led him into the world of timber frame design.

Handy tip: Don’t ever mention cork in his presence.


Christa Cullen

Christa provides Cullen Timber Design with all the administrative backup it requires.  She handles all the company’s book-keeping, project administration, web-site maintenance and marketing.  Having worked as a primary school teacher for over twenty years she is well equipped to oversee our team of ‘silent clickers’.  She has also been known, on many occasions, to knock up a  plate of sandwiches to anyone fortunate enough to have a meeting at our offices at lunch time.